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1. Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Dear Jagath,

It's good to hear from you. I hope that now, with the war over, more tourists are coming to Sri Lanka and giving you more business.

Here is my testimonial:

I have known Jagath since he was a teenager, when he was the personal attendant to my dear friend, the late Swiss Buddhist monk, Ven. Bhikkhu Sumedha, who lived in a cave near Jagath's village.

I can testify that Jagath is an upright and honest young man who has been trained well in Buddhist ethical principles. I have recommended several of my American friends and students who traveled to Sri Lanka to employ Jagath as a tour guide. They were highly pleased with his services.

I joined one such group for part of their tour in 2006. In addition to being knowledgeable about the history of Sri Lanka, its monuments and art, Jagath is also a careful driver. This is important in Sri Lanka where many drivers tend to drive recklessly and too fast.

I attach a photo of the two of us together when we were on tour in Sri Lanka.

Did you write to Marcie, Jane, George, Ester, and Deena for recommendations? They could happily provide them to you.

With metta,

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Chuang Yen Monastery

2020 Route 301

Carmel NY 10512


E-mail : venbodhi@gmail.com

Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

2. Dr. Arabinda and Dr. AnupaSaha

Dear Jagath,

I, my wife and my son had an awesome vacation in Sri Lanka during October, 2013. We did the whole tour for 14 days with Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri, a young, educated, energetic and flexible guide. I rarely find myself serious in writing a letter of recommendation especially for a tour guide. But Jagath deserves it because he was exceptional in such a difficult business.

From the beginning he was deeply involved in helping us plan our itinerary and continued to be a source of advice and support throughout the time we spent there. For me and my family, he was a superb guide to tour with. His passion for his duties are highly laudable. His encyclopedic knowledge about the places in Sri Lanka, it’s history and culture was more than fascinating. He was also very keen to know about my country, India.

His Toyota Allioncar was so comfortable that you cannot avoid having a nap during the ride. He is also a superb and careful driver.

He has a very valuable resource about the country &it’s environs in him and we would hope to have him again as our guide if we visit the island again.

I wish him and his family all the best. We shall never forget our trip and shall recommend his services to anyone…………, of any age, who wants to experience the amazing Sri Lanka in a truly magnificent way.

January, 2014

Dr. Arabinda and Dr. AnupaSaha

Tel : 09830013150

Email : drsaha61@gmail.com

3. Dr T.G Rajagopalan and Meera Rajagopalan

Dear Chaminda Jagath Wijesiri,

I rarely find myself writing a letter ogf recommendation for a tour guide, but Jagath you were exceptional in adifficult business, so we thank you for our wonderful visit to your country.I am sending this personal copy to you to use in any way that may help your business.

We contacted Chaminda jagath Wijesiri in January for a last minute trip to Sri Lanka in February 2014 and found that from the start of our experience, he was professional, reliable and a man of his word. My wife & I are experienced travellers and happily use local guides,but even with that , Jagath exceeded our expectations!He communicates constantly with you and answers any questions you might have regarding the trip.

He is honest and told us directly the places to avoid for buying gemstones.He did not require a deposit & waited for payment until the end of the trip....quite remarkable. he was waiting for us at arrival hall of Colombo airport and helped us in getting a local SIM card and money changed to local currency..He handled all our visits to tourist attractions extremely well and was very helpful in guiding us to the right shops for buying gemstones.

Not only did we travel everywhere in Sri Lanka, but we saw wonderful things few tourists see! It was a perfect trip for us and it was made even better by our guide who educated us on the history and culture of the country as well as letting us stop to buy local food whenever we wanted...Jagath kept his word on every promise, providing us with as AC car , and a knowledgeable guided tour at a very fair price. I have no reservations recommending his services. We left Sri Lanka knowing that our experience was was exceptional compared to that offered by many tour companies.

Thanking you,

March 2014-03-11

Dr T.G Rajagopalan and Meera Rajagopalan

Chennai, India

Tel : 091 94440 432777

Email : rajagod@vsnl.com


Sri lanka tour guide driver

Sri lanka tour guide driver